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Our Story

Mission, Vision & Values of Molly's

The world is changing so drastically and so fast that our company being a small business entity will sooner
or later suffer a reluctant and painful death.

Therefore, we have to change and adapt to market forces and understand the ever-changing trends. We must be ready for tomorrow, TODAY.

The need for the younger generation to join our family and help us in the battle for market share and survivability is urgent. We have to listen from all walks of life, young and old, to create a better Molly's and a ready Molly's.

Our Mission

Our roadmap inaugurates with our mission, which is changing for a better and stronger Molly's. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as a yardstick against our actions and decisions.

·       To bring back memories............on our range of traditional products.

·       To create memories for the young and the young at heart with our new and contemporary products.

·       To create value and to make the world a better place with an

爱心 Molly's.

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the supporting structure of our mission and guides us in executing our actions and decisions in order to achieve our goals.

·       Our valued employees: Be able to cooperate and be inspired by one another's commitment to create a conducive workplace.

·       Portfolio: Make every product we sell a quality product that reflects Molly's true value so as to gain customers' trust and love.

·       Partners: Show care and concern for our customers and suppliers so that Molly's will always garner their trust and support.

·       Profits: Make our shareholders happy and always be mindful of our stakeholders

·       Productivity: Be a highly effective, efficient and responsive company.

Our Values

We have to live our values by being truthful and realistic because they reflect who we are.

·       Leadership: The courage to shape a better future for all stakeholders like customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

·       Collaboration: Leverage on both the young and the old who walk through Molly's door.

·       Integrity: Be who we are.

·       Accountability: We must measure up to our actions and be responsible and answerable.

·       Passion: The Molly's爱心

·       Diversity: Our Brand speaks for itself, it caters to all walks of life and across all cultures, in other words, we have no border.

·       Quality: We believe in our products and keep them in utmost quality so that others will believe in us.